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  • Affirm Protecto is step 1 of an innovative four-step system that provides maximum scalp comfort as it moisturizes dry hair and scalp while relaxing.
    Affirm Protecto makes hair comb very easily during both wet or dry stages.

  • - Apply along the entire hair shaft and new growth area prior to relaxing.
    - Do Not Massage Scalp.


-A patented organic BiocompHlex, applied along the entire hairshaft, especially to new growth area,
prior to relaxing
- Rich, positively-charged compounds attach electronically to negative sites along the hairshaft
- Penetrates deep within the hair fiber during relaxing.
-(Protector � accomplishes significant conditioning at this stage because during the straightening
process, the hair's pH is relatively high (13.0-13.5) and the cuticles are open wide)
- Effectively repairs trichorrhexis nodosa (damaged areas along the hairshaft), resulting in a
smooth realignment of damaged fibers. Flyaway split ends are repaired as well
- Eases wet combing and minimizes shedding
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